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More about Natural Living

What does "Natural Living" mean?  How does Natural Family Boutique support Natural Living?  What makes something "natural?"

"Natural Living" means many things to many people.  In fact, if you were to ask each one of our sales consultants what "natural living" means, you would probably receive a slightly different answer from each person.

For the purpose of choosing products for the Natural Family Boutique product line, we define natural living as:

"A lifestyle choice that includes using products that are in as close to their natural state as possible; reducing or eliminating chemicals used in personal care and cleaning products; supporting healthful living through minimal chemical and medical intervention; reducing consumption of non-renewable resources; and raising children in a way that is biologically logical for humans as a species."

How do we do this?

First, and foremost, we provide products that help families get off to the best possible start.  All of our products support natural choices like drug and intervention free childbirth, breastfeeding, and attachment parenting.  Choices like those often lead to other natural choices like cloth diapering, organic cotton clothing, natural personal care products, and natural home products.

Our personal care products are not tested on animals, and are all made with the purest, most natural ingredients possible.  We choose natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, or rosemary oil.  Our fragrances come from pure essential oils and pure food extracts.   For example, if something smells like chocolate, it is because it has cocoa butter in it - not because it has chocolate fragrance oil.  This requires more creativity, patience, and attention to detail to provide our customers with the highest quality natural personal care products available.  Chemical preservatives and artificial fragrances are not a part of our product line.

Our home care products actually CLEAN your home, rather than just depositing chemicals on your clothes or home.  You may need to shake the bottle of All Purpose Cleaner to mix the essential oils before you use it, because we don't use a chemical to keep the essential oils suspended in the cleaner.  But, you'll find your home will smell better than if you used artificial fragrances.  People who are sensitive to fragrance oils will find that they won't get nearly as many headaches when they choose naturally-scented products.

Our beeswax candles will actually clean the air in your house!  No petrochemical-laden parrafin here!  Plus, they burn longer and cleaner than any other candle making material (soy, veggie, or parrafin).

We also support mothers who choose to work from home while caring for their children.  Many of our products are made by Work-At-Home-Moms (WAHMs), and each of our sales consultants is a WAHM or WAHD (dad) with their Natural Family Boutique business.  We feel that it is important that children be near their parents whenever possible, so our career opportunity supports that choice.  Also, we support many of charitable organizations whose philosophies are in alignment with our own (La Leche League, Attachment Parenting International, Families for Natural Living, MOMs Club, and many more).  Each year, Natural Family Boutique and NFB Sales Consultants donate thousands of dollars to these organizations because we believe so strongly in their importance.

So, when you choose to do business with Natural Family Boutique, you're doing much more than making a natural choice for your own family.  You're supporting an entire community of people making the same natural choices for their own families as well.  Thank you for your support!

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