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What an exciting time pregnancy is! If this is your first baby, then you are probably thrilled, scared, overwhelmed, and joyful all at the same time. No time is more important in your child's life than from conception to weaning. You have many decisions to make, and these decisions will profoundly impact the rest of your child's life and your family as a whole. It is mind-boggling to think of how your choices now will have a rippling effect throughout your family line and through society as well.

Your first priority has to shift to your baby. You owe it to this child to take very good care of yourself. This is your first practice at protecting and nurturing your child. Eat well, making sure to eat a balanced diet of healthy food, increase your protein and water intake, don't smoke, and don't drink alcohol. Reduce the amount of caffeine you consume each day, making sure that you consider the caffeine found in sodas, teas, and chocolate, as well as coffee. Excellent prenatal care is the best health insurance for your baby.

Celebrate this glorious time in your life. Capture every memory. Consider having professionally taken photographs of your pregnant belly or make a belly cast. Pregnant bellies are beautiful and should be seen. Natural Family Boutique offers plenty of products to help create lasting memories of this special time.

Pamper yourself! This is the time for self-indulgence. Our pregnancy products were designed to help relieve your stress and make this a time for pampering! Reward yourself for the hard work you are doing to make a healthy baby. Take long soaks in the tub (but not too hot!), have your husband give you massages, get your nails done, sleep late, or whatever it is that you like to do to feel pampered. Personal pampering time is a precious commodity after the baby arrives.

Enjoy this part of parenthood! Your baby is only born once, so make it the best start to your child's life.

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